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Moving In: Neirin

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Welcome to Mistic Shadow univercity.

This is a manga collab! Vampires, warewolfs, demons, half dragon, they all have to go to collige someware! Create a misticle charicter and put him or her through "Mistic Shadow univercity"! Falling in love, epic battles, bullying, mistery, this is what can happen in this school! Join now!!! !!!AUTHOR SPOTS OPEN NOW!!! Also, for ruls and info, look at the news posted!

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rules and what stuff you can do

Posted by darkravin
January 12th, 2009, 4:12 am
send a PM

This collab is all about manga of cors! But theres a story line behind it, youre person will have to be a vampire, demon, angel, goast, elf, warewolf, and so on if you cach my drift. All youre charicters (you can have up to two) will be in a school together, living in dorms together getting into fights, falling in love. Make youre charicters and send in there profiles! Once you do that, you have to figure out what dorm house youre charicter will be located in! Eather Dorm Room "Shadow Crow", dorm room "Shadow Dragon", dorm room "Shadow Fox", or dorm room "Shadow Wolf". Each dorm can hold 8 teens, so we are only having a limit of about 15 to 20 authors!

So when you send in youre charicter just tipe down general info like, likes and dis-likes, ther personality and there occupation if they work eny ware out of collige, like that stuff, also dont forget to tell what race he or she is!

if you want youre charicter to fall inlove with someone elts in the comic keep in mind that you might need to ask the other person first! Boyxboy is allowed, also, if there is eny sex, try not to over do it, keep it mostely cleen!

well thats it, thank you for reading all this, pleas join and if you have eny questions just pm me and i'll answer youre questions as soon as i can!

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